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Aesthetics Services At CostCare

Instilling Beauty. Inspiring Confidence

“I’ve never been one for aesthetics.  But, when faced with a divorce in my late 50’s, I wanted something to look forward to.  I never imagined the improvement in my appearance after three sessions with Cat but I am thrilled.  I have cheekbones and the angry lines around my mouth are gone.  Cat is a delight and my only regret is that I did not do this years ago.”    Nancy


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Moms are what makes the world go round and we are celebrating for the entire month of May! You have taken care of everyone else and now it is time to do something for you. Our Potenza device combines both microneedling and radiofrequency to address any concern. Whether you want to treat fine lines, wrinkles, irregular skin texture, sagging or crepey skin, Potenza can treat them all and many times all in the same session. And for the month of May, receive 15% off.  Book a consult today. Learn more Here.

Teachers give so much of themselves that it’s time to do something for them. Our TempSure Radiofrequency device provides soothing heat to the deeper layers softening fine lines and tightening the skin. The immediate effects are referred to as “The Cinderella Effect” because your skin will glow immediately afterwards And did I mention it feels like a hot rock massage for your face?  Do this for you! Especially at 20% off.  Learn more Here

In just 30 minutes your skin can feel restored and rejuvenated with our Glow and Go Treatment.  We combine dermaplaning, a light peel and red light therapy in one treatment to provide your skin with a boost of energy. Dermaplaning removes the dead skin layer and small fine hairs on your face while our peel exfoliates and removes any remaining cells. Your skin is then bathed in red light therapy to prompt regeneration and collagen formation. For 30 minutes and 10% off in the month of May, you just don’t want to miss this deal!

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Why Aesthetics?

Being a medical clinic, I have had patients ask, “Why Aesthetics?” One word…confidence. Because I am a family practice doctor, I can take care of a patient’s high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, but in treating these issues, never do I experience the pride and confidence that comes after we have improved a patient’s appearance.  I have seen how doubt in one’s appearance can undermine their confidence. When people come in complaining of wrinkles, facial redness or spots on their face, they aren’t there because these issues are medical, they are there because they SEE these imperfections in the mirror…everyday. Why Aesthetics? Because I had a patient in tears, beaming with confidence in her appearance when we treated her rosacea with our Max G laser. Because we have seen multiple patients comment how they come in feeling like they look tired and run down – but leave with hope and confidence in their refreshed appearance. Because I have seen aesthetics improve one’s mental health. And this isnt vanity, far from it. It is an integral part of wellness, a form of self care. And they do it for them, and nobody else. By instilling beauty, we inspire confidence. That’s why aesthetics.

Our Team

Carol Bridges

Owner, MD

Dr. Bridges received her medical degree from the University of California, Irvine in 1995 and then completed her residency in Spokane, WA in 1998. She moved to Missoula and has practiced here for over 25 years.  She partnered with Lesley Von Eschen PA-C in 2007 to start CostCare. She specializes in women’s health, peri- and menopausal treatment with hormone replacement therapy including pellet therapy. She believes diet can prevent 80% of ailments and has helped hundreds of patients reverse diabetes, high blood pressure, GERD and has helped patients lose weight with sustainable eating habits and glucose monitoring. However aesthetics holds a special place for her as she enjoys watching women gain confidence in themselves and their appearance. 

Colleen Frohlich


Originally from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Colleen graduated from the University of Montana and has made Montana home. She and her husband have raised their three children here in Missoula and enjoy a variety of activities the community has to offer. Spending summers on Flathead Lake, exploring the hiking trails, fishing and attending UM Grizzly sporting events have become family passions. Colleen has been an employee of Costcare since 2012 and is inspired and dedicated to making it a valuable asset and resource for the community. “I am very proud of the foot we at Cost Care put forward in making an impact and empowering the lives of so many.”

Andrea Gyuricza


Andrea and her family have lived in Missoula and called Missoula home for 27 years.  She has 3 adult children and 4 busy grandchildren.  Andrea has worked with CostCare for 12 years, wearing many different hats over the years.  Three years ago, she accepted a position at Missoula College as an adjunct professor teaching in the Medical Assisting program.  However she has returned to CostCare to join the aesthetics team. Andrea’s breadth of knowledge in both the medical and aesthetics sides of CostCare make her an invaluable team member. 

Cat Otway


Cat shares your excitement about self-care, recreation and bringing your inner beauty to the surface. She strives to practice what she preaches with a healthy balance of family, play and work life. She grew up in Southern California, then moved on to Las Vegas where she enjoyed over a decade in show business. She’s a graduate of UNLV school of Nursing. Cat celebrates her 35 years as a Registered Nurse and 15 years as a certified nurse injector at CostCare in the health and beauty industry. Aesthetics remains a growing field and Cat strives to learn new techniques and tips by attending ongoing training sessions. However, Cat’s passion comes from assisting patients achieve their best overall look and feel. “I want our patients to glow!”

Our Space

“After just a few sessions, I noticed a significant improvement in my skin’s texture, tone, and overall appearance. Years of sun damage quickly faded away, leaving my skin looking (and feeling) healthier than ever before. Overall, I highly recommend CostCare Aesthetics to anyone looking for a dedicated team of skincare professionals. Their facial skincare treatments are superb and can take years off your skin’s appearance.”      Morgan Hahn

“I love the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Cost Care. I have received several procedures from the ladies and felt confident in their abilities. I couldn’t be happier with the youthful results!”    -Kristen Bowditch

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Free Rewards for New Members

Join the CostCare Aesthetics Exclusive VIP Program and earn rewards for visits & purchases!

Get access to member-only offers & events